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Miracle of The Sun Evidenced

Over 70,000 witness the sun`s movements over a period of 10 Minutes, many of them were unbelievers, and hostile to religion.

newspaper reporters present confirmed the miracle, people's clothes and muddy ground dried instantaneously, miracle was seen by people many miles away.

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The Secret of Fatima

On July 13th 1917, the Blessed Virgin Mary entrusted a Secret to the three young shepherds, Lucia dos Santos and her cousins Jacinta and Francisco Marto. The Secret was told in three parts, which Lucia would later be revealing to the world.

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Thoughts About Fatima

One could normally dismiss the “stories” of children as figments of their vivid imaginations…(mind you, some grownups could out-do them in this respect)….In the case of these three children they certainly put their proverbial “necks on the line” when after the July apparition they informed the crowds that they had asked for a miraculous sign and that it would be granted for all to see at noon on 13th October 1917….Had there been no “10 minute miracle of the sun” then elements in the 70,000 plus crowd would certainly have turned very nasty and you can well imagine what might have happened to the children and their families.

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The Miracle of The Sun

The Secret of Fatima

Thoughts About Fatima

Recommended Reading

At Fatima.co.uk we recommend the following books as a great way to extend your knowledge and understanding of Fatima.

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We will be expanding our recommended reading section on a monthly basis.

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